Nov 24, 2021

Episode #24: How To Win in Casual Games in 2022

CPIs are up almost 50%. ROAS, of course, is down. Competition is now global, and almost everything anyone could ever think of has been turned into a casual game?

So what do you do?

Well, maybe NFTs.

And, perhaps, acquisition for cross-promotion.

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored, hosts John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz chat with Miniclip Director of Performance Marketing Jonathan Winters and Funorama Head of Business Development David Pich. We chat chess (yep!), maximizing player value, engagement, retention, NFTs, cross-promotion, and even a little iOS vs. Android.

Plus, we end with each expert’s top 3 tips for mobile marketers in casual games heading into 2022.

41 min

Nov 17, 2021

Episode #23: How SocialPoint Escaped A Creative Rut

How do you beat the best ad you’ve ever done? Last year SocialPoint lucked into their best ad ever and simply could not beat it. All they could create were variations on a theme, but with increasing creative fatigue, ads increasingly brought diminishing returns.

So Mobile Hero Danika Wilkinson built a process to systematize serendipity and become more creative on purpose. It worked, and as a result of that creative diversity, ROI increased 30% in just three months, and the team was able to increase retention by a further 25%.

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored, hosts John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz go behind the curtain with SocialPoint’s product marketing manager and learn what makes this former Australian rugby journalist tick … and how she’s transformed marketing and creative production at SocialPoint.

24 min

Nov 15, 2021

Episode #22: How Frustrating Ads Helped This Game Hit Top-20 Most-downloaded in the USA

Should you have beautiful ads? Oddball ads? Funny ads? In-your-face ads? How about frustrating, impossible, annoying ads with puzzles that actually have no solution at all … and even feature a narrator making fun of your inability to solve them?

That path less traveled led to a top-download 20 placement for brain game app Impulse, built by a small team in Ukraine.

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored, hosts Peggy Anne Salz and John Koetsier chat with Impulse Chief Marketing Officer Dariia Opanasiuk to learn more about her strategy, and more about her story. Dariia is an accidental marketer with two master’s degrees, neither of which are in business or marketing, and a super-successful app in one of the most competitive categories on the planet.

15 min

Nov 10, 2021

Episode #21: Holiday Marketing Wins and Fails

Cats make cameos and guests bring the jokes as we hit holiday marketing hard. Unfortunately it’s not Club Med kind of holidays, but end of year, new year’s, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, and those kinds of holidays.

What works? What fails? And how do you cut through the noise of so much advertising competition?

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored, we get serious. We get deep, and we chat with 3 experts:

Not only do we dive into pitfalls and opportunities, we quantify the holiday marketing opportunity, talk about timing, the impact of the global supply crunch, and segmentation by audience and geo.

  1. We also ask each guest 4 critical questions, just for fun:
  2. Biggest marketing nightmare
  3. Most annoying industry pet peeve
  4. Most unexpected success
  5. Person you respect most in the industry

40 min

Oct 27, 2021

Episode #20: IDFA, Last-click & AB Testing

Maybe last-click attribution does suck and doesn’t represent reality. But just maybe it’s “good enough” to optimize on. We chat attribution, insights, AB testing, and more with Lenette Yap, Senior UA Manager at Inkitt.

Then we get into the really interesting stuff: naming conventions.

(Sound dull, I know, but we make it fun. And they are actually unbelievably important to get right.)

Along the way, we meet Dogtor Dre (you read that right) … the poodle with his own Instagram account, discuss why AB testing is awful and horrible and necessary, and chat about how and when marketers need to follow their guts.

36 min

Oct 20, 2021

Episode #19: Becoming the Boss in Mobile Marketing

You’re smart, you’re capable, and you’re ambitious. But how do you level up and grow your game and add some rocket boost to your career?

Start by checking out this podcast.

We ask two top women in tech how they did it: where they started, how they climbed the career ladder, what strategies and tactics they used, and how they enlisted support from their managers and mentors. Chatting with co-hosts Peggy Anne Salz and John Koetsier are:

Jade Worobec, Head of Performance Marketing at the Meet Group
Katie Gill, Head of Marketing at DREST

We chat about travel, mobile consolidation, and tell a few jokes.

55 min

Oct 6, 2021

Episode #18: Road Trip to Eastern Europe with Nakusi Games & Joom

What’s better than a road trip? And in COVID times, we’re still doing them virtually, visiting Eastern Europe to chat gaming with Nakusi Games and retail with Joom, a marketplace you may never have heard of that has over 350 million customers in 100+ countries.

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored we chat with:
Vladimir Ilchenko, UA Lead at Nakusi Games
Sergei Pustovetov, Traffic Manager at Joom

Our topics, acquisition, attribution, and localization. We also play Ad Win of the Week, give Peggy’s invisible bitcoin right back to her, chat about incrementality and media mix modeling, and discuss the biggest challenges in marketing mobile apps in Eastern Europe.

Plus, we have Mobile Heroes in the News, featuring:
Aurelie Genet @ Flo
Björn Videkull @ Bjorn Videkull Performance Marketing
Thomas Hopkins @ Superpeer
Jayne Peressini @ Dapper Labs

60 min

Oct 4, 2021

Episode #17: Alexander Ruban at Product Madness

How do you know when influencer marketing is working? How do you use influencer marketing to drive mobile user acquisition at scale?

In this Mobile Heroes Uncensored: Origin Story we dive deep with Alexander Ruban, UA Lead at Product Madness on influencer marketing, gaming, and attribution. We learn where he got his start, how he approaches influencer marketing, what works best, and how he measures effectiveness.

As always, Mobile Heroes Uncensored is hosted by John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz.

22 mins

Sep 21, 2021

Episode #16: Maximizing Subscription Revenue

The godfather of growth and two super women in growth from Stash (finance!) and Gymondo (fitness!) join co-hosts John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz for a seriously fun episode on maximizing subscription revenue.

(OK, the “godfather of growth” is the guy who invented the Mobile Growth Stack. But he’s still pretty awesome.)

Our guests:
– Mobile Hero Kate Palmer, Director of Growth at Stash
Jenny Schmidt, Team Lead Social & Influencer Marketing at Gymondo
Andy Carvell, Partner & Co-Founder at Phiture

We chat about getting money back from Apple, acronyms no-one knows, winning invisible Bitcoins, stuff we should know but somehow just don’t, and most importantly, of course, subscription revenue. Top tips for subscriptions. Finding good users for subscription apps. Stopping churn for subscriptions. Pricing for subscriptions. Subscribing to subscriptions (ok, I’m lying now).

Plus, there’s no less than 3 amazing jokes in this episode. The guy who made them promises that this is true. (Of course, he’s also the guy who keeps promising guests free Bitcoin.)

48 min

Sep 13, 2021

Episode #15: Alexey Gusev at Goodgame Studios

Welcome to Mobile Heroes Uncensored, Origin Stories. In this premiere episode, we dive into the deep, dark, and twisted crevices of Alexey Gusev’s mind. He leads growth at Goodgame Studios, and has a very interesting way of boosting conversions to paying users by as much as 30% … just by selecting the right creative. He also tells a joke (!!) plays the guitar (!!) and earns an Invisible Bitcoin by being far, far, far too nice.

27 min

Sep 8, 2021

Episode #14: Roadtrip Germany: Delivery Hero, Flixbus, Soundcloud, & Yazio

Mercedes, Oktoberfest, and mobile apps are what Germany is known for, right? Well, sort of.

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored we chat with the top growth marketers at major German mobile first or mobile centric companies: Yazio, Soundcloud, Flixbus, and Delivery Hero. Our goal: drive great cars, drink great beer, and learn what makes apps successful in Germany. And, of course, what German mobile developers make better than anyone else. (We succeed in one of those ambitions.)

Co-hosts John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz chat with:
– Vincenzo Serricchio, Global Head of Mobile Marketing at food ordering app Delivery Hero
– Sergio Palau, Online Marketing Manager at mobility & travel app FlixBus
– Dora Trostanetsky, Director of Growth Marketing at music & audio company SoundCloud
– Carolin Rohte, Head of Performance Marketing at nutrition & health app YAZIO

We chat about marketing superpowers, marketing kryptonite, we get their true confessions about ultimate fails, and we learn about mobile marketing in Germany: what works, what fails, and what outsiders don’t know.


Aug 25, 2021

Episode #13: Sam's Club, Walmart, retail apps, fail whales and the world's best BBQ sauce

Retail isn’t easy but mobile retail has grown enormously over the past 18 months. We chat with the head of product and growth marketing at Sam’s Club, part of one of the world’s largest retailers (yep, Walmart) and a former colleague, now retail app builder. We chat BBQ, augmented reality, growth post-COVID, and the vampires of the mobile world: QR codes.

– Drew Frost: Head of Product and Growth Marketing at Sam’s Club at Walmart
– Matt Hudson: founder of BILDIT, a mobile app e-commerce platform

As always, co-hosts John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz get their best tips about growth, retention, and mobile marketing strategy. We also discuss the role of mobile apps for bricks-and-mortar retailers, the most important parts of a retail app to highlight in advertising and marketing campaigns, and what is changing in mobile growth in 2021.

Lucky episode #13 … here we go.


Aug 11, 2021

Episode #12: Bumble user acquisition execs on growth, data, iOS 14.5, and the crazy, insane 2020s

My growth isn’t tanking … I’m doing an incrementality test!

If you’re one of the largest dating platforms on the planet, you probably know something about growth. So Peggy and John were super-happy to chat with Bumble director of growth marketing Morry Mitrani and senior growth marketing manager Solange Baki, along with Liftoff’s director of creative, Thomas Zukowski.

We chat about the ongoing changes/challenges/impacts of COVID, the marketing data apocalypse in iOS 14.5, how Bumble uses creative for targeting and conversions, and the challenges of modern attribution and marketing measurement.

We also chat about privacy, cross-platform, and how Bumble is expanding beyond dating to friends and work colleagues … and how Bumble has pioneered the ability to delete part of an app off your phone, instead of the entire and complete app.

In addition:

Mobile news:
Facebook AMM and a lawsuit that says Google and Facebook worked together, possibly illegally.

And… mobile heroes in the news, with funding, SPACs, explosive growth, promotions, and much, much more…
Etienne de Guébriant, Gazeus Games
Kartick Narayan, founder and CEO, Kilo
Melissa Lertsmitivanta, Marketing Director at
Kelvin Saputra, Performance Marketing Manager, Kredivo
Iain Russell, Head of Performance Marketing, Moneyhub

Our horrible, no-good, awfully bad, somewhat wonderful joke of the week!


Jul 27, 2021

Episode #11: Netflix. Gaming. Grindr. Aftermath of the IDFA. And SO. MUCH. MORE

The IDFA gave. Now it’s taking away. And what are we left with? Honestly, some degree of chaos in the mobile advertising market, with budgets fleeing iOS and stampeding Android.

But our panelists from Singular, AdColony, Liftoff, and Fyber highlight that in every apocalypse, there is a silver lining. Because smart marketers are now using contracyclical strategies to get cheap installs, steal a march, and beat the competition. And, yes, we also talk some privacy, some gaming competition for Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass.

One thing we absolutely do not do ever under any circumstances even just once is have any fun, tell any jokes, or embarrass any executives. Fingers crossed.

Our guests for this show:
– So-Eun Park, VP business operations, Fyber
– Avi Das, sales lead Americas, Liftoff
– Ron Koenigsberg, chief growth officer, Singular
– Alasdair Pressney, director of product, AdColony


Jul 15, 2021

Episode #10: The Future of Marketing Measurement with Babbel & Flexion Mobile

We have far too much fun with excellent guests talking about garbage metrics in this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored. Peggy and John chat with:

Sylvain Gauchet, who heads up Growth and Marketing at Babbel
Lior Barak, data strategist at Tale About Data
– Mobile Hero Bjòrn Videkull, Head of Performance Marketing at Flexion Mobile

Along the way one of your hosts starts dancing (the one who definitely shouldn’t), another one of the hosts tells jokes (OK, both of them do), and we chat about the hottest new area in dating apps, which isn’t dating at all, and how one gaming company is becoming a music label. We also dive into the future of marketing measurement, the most key metrics for mobile growth, and whether GAID/AAID will go the way of the IDFA.

And yes, due to popular demand … we have added outtakes.

1 hr 5min

Jul 2, 2021

Episode #9: Creativity, Winning, and Secrets of Game Marketing with Top Journalists

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored we get the top secrets of game marketing from Ludia Games’ Rose Agozzino, BoomHits CEO Jon Hook, and top games journalists: Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat and Dave Bradley of PocketGamer.

Along the way we find out what fictional games characters they would date.

And we invent a new game from scratch in real-time.

Also: tips for getting games journalists’ attention, when NOT to send press releases, and what you should do when top reporters are reviewing your games. We also chat some AR, marketing vs product in-game success, the most creative way to market a game, where the games industry is going, and where there are underserved markets in gaming.

1hr 6min

Jun 15, 2021

Episode #8: Segmentation & Engagement with CleverTap, Tier Mobility, and Delivery Hero

Experts from CleverTap, Tier Mobility, and Delivery Hero share insight on segmentation and engagement while hosts Peggy Anne Salz and John Koetsier dish on mobile news, mobile heroes, and … some very critical back-to-office protocol to utterly ignore as some companies start re-opening.
Who’s in episode 8 of Mobile Heroes Uncensored?

– Timothy Lange, head of CRM at Tier Mobility
– Marco Esposito, former Liftoff Mobile Hero and just out of Delivery Hero
– Dave Dabbah, chief marketing officer at CleverTap
– Simone Wong, CRM manager at Tier Mobility

They dish on engagement strategies and their top tips for user segmentation while also answering what they would do as the Queen of All Mobile or the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of iOS and … you get the point.

1hr 14min

Jun 2, 2021

Episode #7: Agencies & Mobile Advertising

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored we learn what happened to the 3-martini lunch, why the Madmen aren’t in jail, and how to get your way in client meetings by being a powerlifter.

Peggy & John chat with Nadine Santana, Account Manager at Camelot, Bridget Hall, Director of Planning at M&C Saatchi Performance, and Liz Emery, Senior Director, Mobile + Ad Tech Solutions, Tinuiti. This all-female power panel shares the role agencies can play in mobile growth … and how agencies are adapting to stay relevant in the 2020s.

55 min

May 18, 2021

Episode #6: Playable Ads and Insider Tips on Getting Free Ad Campaigns

In this episode, Yoda tells us why playable ads are driving innovation and growth. Or it might be one of our freakishly awesome guests who are competing for some of Peggy’s Bitcoin. We chat with Akseli Virtanen of Traplight Games, Lomit Patel from IMVU, Tyler Black from Hyper Hippo, and Alexandra Vornle von Haagenfels, who has the longest name in recorded history and is the International Creative Manager at Liftoff.

Our focus: playable ads. What makes them work, what makes them fail, and where you should use them. Check it out!


May 4, 2021

Episode #5: Marketing Fitness Apps with TRIQ, 7Mind, and Admiral Media

Once again we gather 3 amazing mobile marketers and promise them free bitcoin for acting silly and spilling all their best tips. Of course, we never pay up. But we do get crazy-good insights into marketing fitness apps … and dirt on their biggest mistakes, including one that locked a client out of Facebook and got someone fired.

In this episode John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz chat with: Boris Manhart (CEO of TRIQ), Marta Vogel (7Mind), and Andre Kempe (Admiral Media).

We discuss fitness (or lack thereof), ATT in iOS 14.5 (everyone needs to show it, apparently), Dogecoin and Elon Musk, and we play a few games, including Ad Win of the Week and Marketing Mogul. Check it out, join the fun, and subscribe. Also, if you want to be on the show, reach out to Peggy and John on Twitter.


Apr 20, 2021

Episode #4: Ad Creatives with Gamesture, Lovoo, Gazeus Games & Liftoff

Video ads are the fastest-growing (we’ve got the numbers) and the most lucrative (just guessing on this one) sector of mobile advertising, and we dive into color theory and usage and pricing and how to build them and about 3.72% of everything else you need to know about mobile video advertising. Plus, of course, we play evil games and reveal all our guests’ deepest and darkest secrets, insecurities, and deep-seated vulnerabilities in a barely-functional we say “panel,” they say “group therapy session.”

Our guests, who outshine our soon-to-be-jobless hosts in every way imaginable except sheer animal sex appeal, include:Lukasz Kwiecien, Head of Marketing @ Gamesture, Pierre Strubelt, Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager @ Lovoo, Etienne de Guébrian, Head of UA @ Gazeus Games, and Deanna Ulrich, Manager, Ad Creative @ Liftoff.

1hr 2min

Apr 6, 2021

Episode #3: Post-COVID Strategies with Thimble, Pawp, Moneyhub and Acorns

2020 was a horrible year for the world, but as we got more virtual, many app verticals had a breakout year. How is that transitioning into 2021 in a confusing post-pandemic, still-pandemic, third-wave, partially-vaccinated reality? In addition to yanking their chains a little, we coax some amazing insight from Annica Lin, Director of Performance Marketing and CRM at Thimble, Roberto Salem, Head of Growth at Pawp, Iain Russell, Head of Performance Marketing at Moneyhub, and Kyle Sausser, Growth and Partnerships Manager at Acorns.


Mar 22, 2021

Episode #2: Creative Testing with Wooga, Product Madness and Playstudios

Here’s our second episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored, with John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz. As usual, we totally screw it up only to be saved by our horribly great guests: Jason Conger, Head of UA, Wooga; Claire Rozain, UA manager, Product Madness; Melanie Zimmermann, Head of Marketing, Wooga; Assaf Shalev, Head of Creative Marketing, Playstudios.

What we talk about, besides free Lambos and astrology? IDFA (yep, still on that meal ticket), creative (apparently it matters), craft beer (sounds better than it tastes), mobile news (really), Mobile Heroes in the news, dating, and yes, a whole lot of insight around how to win when you don’t have IDFA or granular device-level data anymore


Mar 3, 2021

Episode #1: IDFA with Fyber, Singular and InMobi

This very first episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored is currently the best. And the worst. And it’s definitely the funniest, with the most awfully good guests too.

In this inaugural episode John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz chat to leaders from InMobi, Liftoff, Vungle, Singular, and Fyber and force them to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets, their ultimate fears and most private fantasies (ALL ABOUT THE INDUSTRY. WOW.) And yeah, we also talk IDFA and iOS 14 and why the best marketers won’t suffer.


Jan 1, 1970

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