Marco M. Gerlach

Director of Growth, EMEA

Marco was formerly Director of Growth, EMEA at Mobile Trend GmbH.

Q&A with Marco

Marco was formerly Director of Growth, EMEA at Mobile Trend GmbH, where he led dating apps’ UA campaigns. From Los Angeles to Europe, Marco has worked in entertainment and media for nearly 15 years. He began in radio and TV advertising, moved to online advertising and is now taking on the next advertising frontier — mobile. Well-versed in cross-media marketing, he focuses on providing strategic consultation for the company’s product needs and development.

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In your own words, tell us about the apps that you manage?

Currently I am focusing on our mainstream dating apps in EMEA, including Yoomee. Yoomee is a mainstream dating app that allows users to flirt, share interests, match with like minded people, and uses geo-targeting to get in touch with possible love interests around them. Our objective is to get people to flirt with one another, to open them up and see where their possible chemistry brings them. We will keep adding new and exciting features over the next year, in order to bring even more fun to the fold.

How did you get started in mobile marketing?

Since college I had a deep interest in marketing or rather the methods that were and are used to build and manage interest on a large scale. Over the years I began to look for a more innovative and faster-paced advertising medium where I could grow along with the field. After a longer stint in dialogue marketing, my desire was even more fueled due to the primary nature of the industry I was part of. I was simply tired of feeling like I was treading water and wanted something with a continuous challenge. Enter the mobile app marketing discipline, and the rest is history.

What do you like most about mobile marketing?

I love the direct connection to the audience and the fact that the field is steamrolling in the general evolution of the marketing approach and tech. The industry is always moving forward, which is exciting to be part of.

What does it take to succeed in mobile marketing?

I believe in a holistic approach and an overall understanding as to what works best for your given product line, and a healthy dose of testing new options. You kind of have to be a “digital Swiss Army knife” these days and be ready when the field throws you a curveball.

What does a quality mobile user look like to you?

Any user that is engaged or involved with the product, given that we need to ensure repeat usage of the product. In our case, this means that an individual should log a set number of sessions a month to qualify as a “quality user.”

What strategies work best to convert installs into engaged users?

An easy onboarding process, so that the user can seamlessly start interaction with the app. Don’t overload the user with a slew of information while onboarding, especially when you can split different information in the form of a fun tutorial. Use push notifications without bombarding your user, given that it is a powerful option to drive engagement.

In the past year, what is one tip you can share which made the biggest performance difference with UA or re-engagement of your apps?

The biggest change that we implemented was a switch in our media mix. We now focus strongly on programmatic advertising, an overall usable brand message, and watch keenly where we have our ads placed.

How do you stay ahead of changes in technology?

In essence, I love to evolve and have a deeply rooted interest when it comes to the general advertising evolution. The faster I know and can respond to certain shifts in this sphere, the better. Therefore I seek communication with a variety of different peers in a multitude of product verticals across the globe. So it simply boils down to not being afraid to ask dumb questions, staying as flexible as possible, and when given the opportunity to experiment with new options, dive in hard. Another pivotal part for me was finding a mentor that I could relate to and who opened my eyes to several different approaches.

What do you see as the next big thing in mobile marketing?

AI algorithms to further improve one’s advertising efficiency, and even though it is still in development, blockchain-focused digital advertising.

What advice can you offer to help marketers combat mobile ad fraud?

Do not simply put your trust into a countermeasure provider that promises the world. Rather seek a partner that shows you the ropes from the start. Inquire, inquire, and inquire. Ad fraud is as evolving as the advertising world and a lot of individuals are out to make a quick buck. So don’t seek a provider that only pushes their solutions. Make sure that you understand how it works the best for your campaigns. Transparency in this symbiosis is key. In the end, the key is to keep a vigilant eye on your ad data and always know where you are buying media from.


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