The Legend

In 2015, we saw the rising need to empower mobile marketers, so we gave them super powers! Just kidding. But we did start a program to build a community and highlight the everyday “Heroes” who successfully market mobile apps.

What started as a program to support and provide valuable resources for marketers of non-gaming apps, grew into a global community of over 50 thought leaders (and counting) across all app categories, sharing knowledge to advance the mobile marketing world.


Sharing Knowledge

Through interviews, podcasts, blog posts, webinars and live events, the Mobile Heroes speak openly and candidly about their day-to-day challenges, where they are having success and things they haven’t quite figured out yet. When not dropping knowledge, your favorite Heroes can be caught fighting fraud in our thrilling Mobile Heroes Comics.


Building Community

With regular meetups, webinars and live events worldwide, we are building a community of app marketers, to connect and learn from each other, sharing knowledge within and across all app categories and regions. Join us at our upcoming events!